An ocean is a body of salt water that covers about 70 percent of the earth’s surface. There are five oceans in the world that span all though the seven continents. It would be quite impossible to have a representation of these oceans on a flat surface, except through an ocean map.

Thanks to these ocean maps for giving us a view of how the earth’s surface looks like with the oceans and continents covering its surface. They also give us information about states and state boundaries. The most relevant use of ocean maps these days would be helping us chart our trips or travels abroad.

Map Your Trip

Every one of us has a traveler in him or her. But only just a few get to manage to travel spending dream holidays or vacations in other countries. Doing so becomes a privilege for a chosen few. In some instances, there are those who are sent abroad on a business trip. Others get to receive a trip in the form of a gift.

Going to Phuket Thailand and seeing the limestone karsts emerging from the emerald green waters of the PhangNga Bay is something that you would treasure for the rest of your life. Spending time with your spouse and children for a holiday in Zimbabwe to see how the majestic Victoria Falls have its waters plummet and splash is a memory you’d keep telling your grandchildren.

And what would ocean maps have to do with this?

There really is nothing special about ocean maps and your travels abroad if you don’t want a change on how you chart these travels and make them indelible in your memories.

Scratch Where It Itches

Have you heard about the world’s most unique map of oceans? Grammar police would take notice that there is something wrong with the use of the absolute modifier unique here. But, it truly fits the kind of ocean map we are talking about. In essence, it is unique because it is intentionally done to be scratched.

You find it absurd?

Think again.You will be charting your trips and travels on this map by scratching the surface where you have been.You don’t scratch it as if you have been dying to do it. Scratch it gently so that you’ll see what’s beneath unless you are a buzzkill and spoil the moment. What’s beneath could even surprise you.

It Stays with You

You can have this map as a travel companion, not the literal companion as you know. But it sticks with you all the time because it itches to be scratched. Something that a companion can’t do all the time. You can leave it anywhere you want so you still get to enjoy your trip. You just go back to it when you feel the urgency to scratch it.

Travelogue Included

This world’s most unique map of oceans does not come as a single entity. It comes with a travelogue that you can use to put your trip down in black and white and immortalize your favorite parts of the trip. In this way, you would always have something to back your story up to your future grandchildren.


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