Why Horsetooth Reservoir Should Be on Your 2018 Bucket List

Horsetooth Reservoir

The scenic Horsetooth Reservoir is located just a few minutes from Fort Collins, Colorado. This 6.4-mile-long reservoir is a favorite recreation spot for many. And while it was built to address water shortage problems in the area, today it doubles up as a tourist attraction. A visit to this iconic reservoir is nothing short of spectacular, given the wide array of activities that you can engage in. The reservoir is surrounded by miles of trails for bike riding, horse riding, and even hiking. Apart from trails, the location is also ideal for picnics and even for camping. A visit to this reservoir is well worth it.

Being a vast water body, the Horsetooth reservoir is an ideal location for water sports. Open to the public all year round, you can take a boat and explore the little coves that can be found in the reservoir. Alternatively, you can circle the reservoir while tubing or skiing, the choice is yours. The wide variety of water sports allowed in the reservoir is the first reason why it is a great place to visit. The reservoir is able to serve all kinds of water sports lovers. However, this reservoir is not restricted to lovers of water sports only.

Surrounded by vegetation, rocks, and miles of trails, the reservoir is also an ideal place for a picnic. There are quite a number of locations where you can kick back, relax and enjoy the reservoir’s scenic view. Furthermore, you have the option of coming with pre-cooked food or preparing your own. There are several outdoor grills that are provided in the reservoir providing a place where you can enjoy a barbecue as you watch the sunset or enjoy the view. The beauty of the area surrounding the reservoir is another reason why it is loved by many.

One of the best things about the Horsetooth reservoir is that it is a man-made structure with the features of a natural water body. The reservoir has a couple of beaches where you can relax or even enjoy a swim. No need to travel hundreds of miles to enjoy the relaxed feeling of being on a beach. The water levels near the beaches are safe making it ideal for kids as well. As such, you and your whole family can enjoy the wonders of the Horsetooth reservoir without having to worry.

The Horsetooth reservoir is also close to some amazing locations such as the Horsetooth park and waterfall. A hike to the park and then to the waterfall will excite any hiking enthusiasts. In addition to hiking, you can also do some fishing while at the reservoir. The reservoir is home to a wide array of fish species. In the reservoir, you can find both large and smallmouth bass.

In a nutshell, a visit to the Horsetooth reservoir will be entertaining for the whole family. If you want to always remember your trip to the reservoir you can purchase locate suvineers or apparel. If you don’t have room in your suitcase, purchase a memerable piece of Horsetooth reservoir themed artwork or clothing online from Horsetooth’d and sent directly to your home. Vactions are all about making memories, visiting Horsetooth Resevior should defenately be on your bucket list.


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