Whenever we think about rain, the word umbrella always strikes in the mind. Umbrella protects us from the rain and high-density sunlight, but based on the design and use of umbrellas, they are divided into different types.  One needs different umbrellas for different moments. And there are huge varieties of umbrellas available to choose from according to one’s needs and choices.

1-parasols: Parasol is the first type of umbrella used in ancient ages. These umbrellas were not meant for rainy seasons, they were used to protect oneself from sun tans and direct sunlight. Gradually they became a fashion for royal and upper-class peoples. In modern days the use of this kind of umbrellas is also seen to have a sun protection.

2-Oil Paper umbrella: This type of umbrella was originated from China. With time they spread in different Asian countries.  They are typically used in the Chinese and Japanese wedding ceremony. Beside these ritual uses, they also have their uses in sun protection. They are of different colors; in ancient China different colored umbrellas had different meanings, like white was used in funerals.

3-Classic umbrella: These are the general umbrellas available in the market. They are the most used ones and are known as classic umbrellas. They consist of shafts, the poles, which provide support and height to the umbrella; the canopy and the ribs for support of the canopy. For classic umbrellas, the shafts are made up of wood or metal and the canopy is made of up microfiber fabric.

4-Automatic pocket umbrella: They are light weighted and small sized folded umbrellas. They can even fit in jacket pockets. They are easy to open and close and most of them can be handled with one hand only. They have a switch and by pushing this button will open this umbrella automatically.

5-High wind umbrella: Sometimes bad weather and heavy storms result in breaking up the umbrellas. These umbrellas are specially made for these worse conditions where the regular umbrellas do not last. The canopy of these umbrellas is double layered and vented. The wind can pass through, but the water cannot.

6-Bubble umbrella: The canopy of this kind of umbrella is transparent and rounded like a bubble. It gives comparatively more coverage than a normal umbrella and one can see through the canopy. The canopy is made off of a clear plastic.

7-Golf umbrella: This is an extra-large, oversized umbrella meant for golfers. This kind of umbrella has a canopy of about 70 inch diameter. They are used to protect golfers from unexpected rains. The canopy of the umbrella has a special type of design and is built off up only two alternating colors.

8-Stationary or beach parasols: These huge and heavy parasols are generally meant for public places to provide protection for multiple users from sun and UV lights. Beach parasols are used in the sea beaches on sands to create a shield from the sun. This kind of umbrella usually comes with a stand to be settled on the sand beach or a clip to be attached to a chair.


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