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Top 5 Things to Consider When going for a Motorcycle Camping Tent

Motorcycle Camping Tent

The trend of motorcycle camping has become the new trend of the season for all those motorcycle enthusiasts. For all those nature lovers who wish to spend who love spending time in solitude away form hustle and bustle of the city life this can be real fun. It might sound quiet an easy task of just escaping to a scenic location on your motorcycle. But in reality a Moto campaign trip involves a lot of preparations. A quintessential thing that one cannot compromise on is the camping tent. Since you are all out in the open admits nature having a superior quality tent is very important. Now how do you find a tent that suits your needs perfectly? Searching online is the best available solution to this. There are sites like where one can find detailed reviews of the best available camping tents and where one can buy them from.

The must have features of a Moto Camping Tent

Carrying your shelter or more precisely your tent is easier while going camping in a four wheeler. But with Moto camping things are a little tougher with the limited space on your rear seat. Hence choosing the perfect tents is an essential and important step. You can look for options online on websites like to get a fair idea on what to expect out of your tent. A few tips to consider before buying a tent are summarized below.

  1. The most important thing to look for is its design functionality. The tent configuration should be such that it could be set up easily in the minimum possible time without assistance.
  2. Majority of the tents available have a pole configuration. Hence picking one with a simple assembly and superior quality is imperative. For example the aluminium poles have been a preferred choice with many. These are stronger and lighter and allow easy fix in case of damage.
  3. Riding solo or with a group choose a tent that has enough capacity accommodate your bike as well. There are certain models that come with a vestibule or more commonly a porch. This allows accommodating the bike along with the other camping essentials like food stuff, boots and clothes etc. It is a recommended option when travelling alone and on longer paths.
  4. Location and conditions play an important role in choosing the tents. You cannot have tent made from the same material while camping in deserts and mountains with lower temperatures. Always pick a tent according to the climatic conditions. For example if rainfall and reduced temperatures are a common feature in your chosen campaign location then pick one with a separate rain fly. This not only helps protect from rain but also keeps the inner temperature in the tent warm.
  5. The next thing that one should look for are a durable flooring and the perfect ventilation.

Whether riding alone or in group choose a tent that would suit all your needs and provide an enhanced camping experience.


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