Tips for Choosing the Right Dive Centre for Your Diving Holidays


You have been waiting for this vacation for a whole year. You cannot hide your excitement and joy as settle down to choose the best dive centre for your holiday. You get online and begin your search. Ten minutes into your search you feel more confused than when you started. Reason? The options are just too many. You now anticipate that it’s not going to be easier than you thought. Relax, finding the right dive centre for your diving holidays doesn’t have to be a Hercules task.

Read on to find tips that are going to help you have your centre in a jiffy.

  1. Have a checklist.

From your divers training manuals, come up with a list of the things that you want the centre to offer. They should run across from safety, services, advice etcetera. Your diving books will also go a long way to help you prepare this checklist. Having this checklist will make it easy to vet and narrow down to just a small number of service providers who score a good percentage on your checklist.

Always remember to choose on value not price. If an operator’s charges are very high, get to know the reason behind these charges. You may find that they are offering extra services or have extra precautions to ensure your safety all of which come at a cost. Be wary of very cheap deals. They may be after wooing you to do business with them only to disappoint on service delivery and safety measures.

Safety is everything. Remember this is fun and not a risk. Ensure the centre understands the importance of safety before booking. Let them convince, and explain to you on the measures they have taken to ensure you and your family are safe. They should fully comply with the safety standards set by the state. Check also on how frequently they conduct safety routine checks on their equipment.

Ask around and do your research before engaging an individual service provider. Visit their website and check the customers’ feedback section. Check on the trip advisor and other social media platforms. From these sites, you will be able to determine whether the centre is up to your standards. Make a point of contacting them to get answers that these sites may fail to answer.

There you have it. Those are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a centre for your diving holidays. Remember, if anything comes up and you feel dissatisfied with the way they handle things, don’t be ashamed to walk away.

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