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The Reason Why Everyone Loves the Camping in Jaisalmer Indian Desert

Jaisalmer Indian Desert

The Golden City, Jaisalmer attracts the tourists all round the year. The Jaisalmer desert is more than just a desert to the nature lovers, adventure seekers and the holiday makers. Besides the Jaisalmer Fort, Patwon Ki Haveli, Bada Bagh, Salim Singh Ki Haveli and the War Museum that are covered in the Jaisalmer Rajasthan Tour packages, it is the desert that one looks forward to. Desert camps in Jaisalmer are equally attracting to the visitors.

Few Reasons & Ways That Make Everyone Fall in Love With Jaisalmer Desert

Enjoy the Sand Dunes

The Jaisalmer desert has many areas of sand dunes operated by many tour operators. The popular among these being the Sam sand dunes. You may also have a private area of sand dune for yourself managed by some hotels or tour operators. These dunes pose great fields for camel safaris and other tribal and rural competitions and programs.

Experience The Picturesque Sunrise & The Breathtaking Sunset

Watching the sunset behind the dunes and the sunrise at the same point the next morning could be an awe moment. The experience remains in the memory for quite some time. While the watching the sunrise could induce energy in you, the sunset encourages looking forward to a brighter day ahead.

Ride the Camel

You cannot escape the camel safari. The bumpy yet safe rides on the camel should be experienced by every traveler whether visiting solo or in the group. They are also cute to take snaps with. The decorated camels give a touch of the vivid culture of the land.

Spend Night in The Desert Camp

Spending the night in the Desert camp in an Arabian style is the best part of the travel to Jaisalmer Desert Camp. Your tour operator can get the desert camp booked for you to enjoy the evening. The general interiors of the tents in such camps have the Rajasthani paintings on them giving you the royal feel as well. They are also well furnished to ensure a comfortable stay.

Activities in the Campsite

The desert camp provides you the excellent experience of living like a nomad in the tent. These are however traditionally designed yet well furnished to give you a comfortable stay. Rajasthani cultural programs are performed by local artists around the bonfire outside the camp in the evening followed by dinner. These give ample socializing opportunities to the tourists

Participate in the Cultural Evenings

The evenings are very entertaining around the bon fire outside the camp with cultural performances by the local artistes and performers. The orated camels also perform in many desert camps in Jaisalmer.

Try out Photography

The desert gives great scopes for photography. The little vegetation, the sand dunes, the rising sun, the camels with their keepers, the cultural performers and the programs, the bonfire, etc all give opportunities to the photographer to try his skills.

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