Social Style: Do You Prefer an Upscale Vacation or One That is More Laid Back?

Social StyleDo You Prefer an Upscale Vacation or One That is More Laid Back

Do you prefer an adventure, or a good pampering? Maybe it’s a bit of both, but the very idea of going on vacation evokes the feeling of relaxation. No emails, no conference calls, no errands. How you like to unwind will factor in heavily when deciding where to go, and where you’ll stay while you’re there.


For a more upscale vacation, you want to begin by choosing a luxury hotel. Accommodations such as those found at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Pretoria Menlyn include amenities like pools, gourmet eateries, and great access to shopping spots and nightclubs.

But luxury vacations aren’t all about kicking back. Those with money to spend are often interested in better access to exceptional, tangible experiences that make great memories. Advanced ski slopes, high-end art museums, golf courses, private tours, and spas fill your time with plenty of daydream material for when you return home.

It’s preferable to tentatively schedule your upscale vacation with a mix of experiences. Day One can be a “decompression day”, with a long, lazy brunch and afternoon spent getting massages and spa treatments. From there, intersperse your activities with blocks of time designated for chilling out at the area’s finest restaurants and shops.  

Book your own private tasting at the area’s best vineyards. If you’re staying oceanside, see if your accommodations gain you access to exclusive beaches. With upscale vacations, the key is plotting out your trip with getting as much as you can out of the good life in mind.


“Laid back” can be another way to describe “lazy” for some, but there’s a lot to be said for booking a laid-back excursion to parts unknown. The perfect laid-back trip will place you smack-dab in the middle of everything you want to see and do, so you can just hunt any extras down at your leisure

You may spend less on accommodations, tours, and spas, but that can only be a good thing when you’re looking to live like a local. Bring your best pair of walking shoes and traverse local markets, festivals, and shops.

If you’ve been slaving away all year while looking forward to a week of sun and sand, even better. Book your spot close to the shore, and make every day a beach day; anything that happens to catch your attention along the way is an added bonus.

Do note that choosing a location where you speak the same language as the local population is preferable for a laid-back trip. You may not want to be encumbered by guides and translators, many of which are included for higher-end experiences. Laid-back vacations may also not be best for young children who need activities and distractions to fill their days.

Any way you slice it, your vacation is all about you, finally getting the time to truly enjoy yourself. Whether you have the time and money to invest in plotting out the vacation of your dreams, or you just want to fall off the grid for a week or two, there’s a getaway that’s just your style.


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