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Set sail Turkey: Admire history, rich culture and much more

Set sail Turkey Admire history

Choosing to spend the summer vacation in Turkey is a perfect way to meet the East and the West, the home of the Oddysey, the Byzantine ruins that can be found almost in every older part of coastal Turkey.
One way to explore all these admiring facts and combine it all with some great and relaxing spots to free your mind from everyday worries is bareboat charter Turkey.
One of the few things you should consider if you go bareboating in the heart of the Mediterranean is the weather. Because of the geography of Turkey, the climate variations can be harsh – and so can be the winds that are present throughout the entire year. Therefore, a careful choosing of the itinerary, especially for first timers in Turkey is the crucial part that will form the shape of your whole vacation.

But first:
Bareboat charter Turkey at the convenient way: waits for you

Chartering the boat in Turkey that suits the needs of your friends or family can be an easy task and the easiest and at the same time budget-friendly way to do it is visiting Book2Sail. With over 500 boats available for chartering, a great customer service available at your call; and a simple booking engine, the journey can start almost immediately. Still, you better hurry up, as the season in Turkey starts already in May and the list of boats available can quickly cut down.

The freedom of chartering your own boat: secluded Turkish bays that will spoil your senses

The coolest thing that differs bareboat charter Turkey from an organized group cruise is that you can easily check out the serene secluded bays that are numerous, especially at the Gokova Gulf. Set next to Bodrum – a great starting point for your sailing route, Gokova is surrounded with tall mountains that add up to the beauty of the picturesque bays you are about to visit. Luckily, the weather here often is less harsh and the winds are calmer when compared to the other Turkish sailing spots. What more can a sailor wish for?

When starting your trip from Bodrum, the first spot you shouldn’t miss is the Karada island – the home of the crystal waters, admirable little churches and their leftovers; and the most important: the famous mud bath to soften your skin as much as your spirits. If you got hungry wandering around this beautiful island, you will have a difficult decision to make, as the number of local restaurants that all look adorable – is surprisingly big.
If you loved the idea of calm weather, choosing the Gulf of Hisaronu next is an idea you should consider. The historic landmarks that have a mixed Turkish and Greek leftover are something you should afford some time visiting. After a nice swimming in the hidden bays of Hisaronu and a whole laid – back day, consider continuing your sailing at the close villages of Orhaniye and Bozborun: both known for it’s serene atmosphere and attractive contrast of colors made by the turquoise sea and the most beautiful green woods that surround the waters of this part of the Mediterranean.

From here on, the options are endless and the Turkish atmosphere will most likely open your imagination for exploring some marvelous undiscovered places.

After all, the boat and the sea are all yours! What’s left up to you is enjoy them the best you can. Wishing you a beautiful holiday, fair winds and calm seas.


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