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Sarostans has been said to have a keen sense of their history, and there are some nice scoop news that they have made up regarding their origin. The Sara who was the daughter Hernando de Soto’s  and the first “Sara de Soto” pageant was held in the year 1916 and that in turn developed into Zara Zote, and from there to  Sarasota. The people thrived on fishing and exporting it to Havana. Phoenix is another place that is close to this lovely place of attraction.

Randy Benderson on Commercial Development

The 1 billion projects on the Sarasota Bay project will help in ushering commercial, residential development of the area and will bring in the much-needed development. The downtown waterfront will be developed within the area in the next decade, and the area will be bubbling with enthusiasm.

The grande content is the first building that is proposed to be developed in this area, and it is proposed as an 18-storey building. It will be placed on the southwest portion of the property, and there would be a 9500 square feet hotel commercial project that will be overlooking this project the tower is supposed to be built across the Ritz-Carlton and both these will be connected by a pedestrian bridge, and this surely will attract a lot of tourists.

So what can once expect from the 18-storey building? 175 hotel rooms, 695 condominiums, 189,050 square feet of retail space, 39,000 square feet of office are the facilities that are proposed in this 18-storey building.

There will be a restoration of historic belle haven hotel, and this will surely attract more tourists feels Randy Benderson.

Tampa Bay – The Other Florida Attraction

After Sarasota Bay project, Tampa bay is an attraction that is loved by the tourists. It is a natural harbor and should be visited by the people who love sightseeing and would like to spend some quality time out there. The news is that there is pumpkin festival out here and this can be enjoyed in October. The car and motor show is another attraction that should be enjoyed by the tourists, and there is a shipwreck on the Clearwater beach and is named as Rums folly, and one can board the haunted pirate ship as it is popularly known and can enjoy the viewings.

The Corey Avenue Sunday market is for the people who love shopping and who would like to spend their money on quality items. The fresh farm produces and ready to eat materials are available here, and it is the best place to have a nice time with family. There is an art festival that is available in Hyde Park village art fair and there has been a campaign on breast cancer awareness and other diseases. Tampa boat show is a must for kids, and the first fifty kids get free fishing pole says Randy Benderson and Fox squirrel corn maze is another attraction that should not be missed in Tampa Bay. There are waterfront parks in these areas, and this will ensure that tourists have a real fun time in this place and they can enjoy the proceedings. These are places where one can have a good time with family.

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