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Can you imagine a whole week full of excitement spent on an island set in the very heart of the Mediterranean – in which the mix of civilizations dating 5200 BC have left such an influence that you simply can’t adore?

If you can imagine yourself on a boat – sailing the enjoyable island of Malta, then do the first step towards pursuing your dream during renting a boat in Malta.
Rent a boat Malta can be easily done once you get to know, the best boat and yacht rental engine that will simplify your search to a point where you feel the excitement for the upcoming sailing season at the mere start of booking.

Visualize your sailing trip in Malta – The Land of Honey

You may have already heard that Malta is known for the purest honey worldwide. The beekeeping in Malta is a long-standing tradition: in fact, the old Greeks gave Malta the tag: “Melite” or “The Land of Honey” because of the Greek word for honey – “meli”. Still, this land and especially the crystal water surrounding it from all four sides have much more to offer. A sailing vacation around the island of Malta spent on that carefully chosen boat can easily become an architectural sightseeing, a totally relaxing vacation or the wildest party time. It’s up to you whether you choose one of these, or make your own mix, but whatever you do, one thing’s for sure: Malta will offer you the most amazing days of your summer vacation.

If you chose to discover the architecture in Malta which is literally spread all over the island – you will get surprised of the exceptional medieval, ancient and Baroque styles that make this paradise island even more appealing.

While creating your plan for visiting the features of this extraordinaire island, you are probably wondering what are the best anchorages here – and most importantly, what’s the best time for anchoring?

Luckily, Malta is full of anchorages suitable for your boat, and what’s the best of all: almost all of them are good from the mid of May until the end of September, and sometimes even longer – depending on the weather conditions.

Bearing this fact in mind probably already gave you the freedom to pick any point for you and do the magic: set sail.

Boat rental Malta literally opens the doors for each taste: the water sports, diving, snorkeling, sightseeing the beautiful capital – La Valetta and many more things to see and do. Just in case you get lost in the beauty of the cruise: don’t forget to visit the St. Julian’s Harbour, the St. Paul Island and Marsaxlokk – the wonderful fishing harbor set at the very south of the island.

As most of the spots can be pretty crowded especially during the summer, just feel free to sail around and find some secluded bay where you can enjoy the wonderful sea at your own pace.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, one thing’s for sure: Malta will leave you speechless and you will want to come over back again and again.
Have fun sailing!

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