Procedure to look for the status of an Esta authorisation


Although the acknowledgement from the American authorities to an ESTA application is pretty fast, particular visitors want to show beyond doubt the status of their application before receiving the reply or for another cause such as the non-receipt of an email within the response time pointed. Here therefore we give some suggestion for bearing out speedily the status of your travel authorisation application.

Above all, note that basically you have completely no requirement to do anything to check the esta status of your ESTA application. After completing and giving in this application form in the form of a set of questions accessible in many languages, on a website such as ours, and you have paid the administrative fees, you will receive a reply from the American authorities within a period of 72 hours maximum in the form of an email to the address you gave in the set of questions. It t is therefore suggested to wait until the end of this period before confirming the status of your ESTA application. Specifically, as the response will normally come through much faster than the maximum time given.

It can be essential at particular times to prove the status of your ESTA application yourself. Here are the cases whereby you should complete this method:

  • If you have given an inappropriate email address or you can no longer access the email inbox pointed.
  • If you have not received a reply to your application by the American immigration service within 72 hours of its submission. But before you begin to be anxious, check your spam or junk email folder.
  • If you given in an application in the past and cannot have in mind if it was accepted or refused.

As said in advance, you should receive a response to your ESTA application from the American authorities within a maximum of 72 hours following the affluent submission of your form. If you have not received an acknowledgement within these three days this may be due to many reasons as follows: The first feasible reason is that you haven’t said the perfect email address when you completed your application form. In fact, the reply is sent to the email address said on your application form. If you made an error entering your address but have noted your file reference number then you do have the chances of altering it free of charge. Another thing you should give a look is your email inbox. Maybe the email with the ESTA information has been automatically assigned to the spam or trash folder of your email address. This is quite a persistent happening but something that many applicants do not contemplate. It is therefore essential to check these folders before doing anything else.

Ultimately, it is feasible that your application may not have been completely validated and submitted. This could happen if you did not follow the rule to the end or your payment of the transfer and processing fees has not been completed. It is therefore significant to validate that the payment has been made through your account. If this is not the case then you will require taking on oneself the procedure again, starting right from the beginning and make sure that you continue through to the end counting the payment using an account that has sufficient funds to cover it. You will then receive a response with the status of your application by email within 72 hours maximum.

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