Several places in the world keep amazing us with the variety and impressive power that nature gave to them. One of these places is located on the border of modern Canada and the United States. Niagara Falls is one of the biggest waterfalls in the world and comprises two separate parts that are separated by the Goat Island. The majority of the waterfalls are located on the Canadian territory; the US side, however, offers travelers and visitors developed infrastructure and various excursions to see the beauty and power of the Niagara waterfalls. If you are planning to visit the Niagara Falls, it is better to do it from the Canadian side, as the view on the waterfalls is much better from Ontario, rather than from the US side. Airoutelimo is here to arrange Niagara Falls Tour for you on their high-class limos to make your experience memorable one.

Spray of the falls

The spray off the falls connects to the sky and it’s noisy! The view was incredible form the Canadian side, you could see the two falls beautifully and just how different they both look.

Maid of Mist

After arranging the airoutelimo, headed straight for the Maid of the Mist as pre-booked tickets for that with the tour. Wearing out ponchos, and waiting in line for the boat, the noise gets loud and the falls seem bigger from the lower vantage point.

With the size of the poncho you are not going to be getting wet. Then you have to board the boat and grabbed a spot at one end by the railing, first they headed past the American falls then on to the Canadian ones, they have onboard commentary, about the history of the falls, the area, and accidents that have happened with freak survivals.

As get closer to the Canadian falls, the noise get so loud you have to shout to each other and it was at this point everyone starts to feel the spray, gently at first then it gets hard and the poncho soak and so the camera and mobiles. Visibility got less as hoover by the Canadian falls, just take in the roaring noise of the water and the amount of spray. It was nothing like the sheer volume of water that drops over the edge really surprises everyone. You literally could not tell where the sky began and where the falls stopped.

High vantage point

Walking along the top path to the far end where the falls are, you can get a lovely view of the falls from a high vantage point. The noise here is at the maximum,  you can see and hear just how much water is going over the edge.

It is very hard to put into words how vast and incredible these falls are. Everything you read about the Canadian side being better was true for everyone.

Skylon tower

The next destination is the observation desk of Skylon Tower. It is impressing the overhead view of the fall. It is so amazing and fantastic. Besides the great view of the fall, you can see Toronto on the horizon.

Butterfly Conservatory

Something very charming is to see the Butterfly Conservatory on the trip. There you can see many colorful butterflies. You feel so happy and cant that you can hold a butterfly in your hands. The butterflies are so cute and you want to take them with you.


Having being told that Niagara Falls is the most powerful waterfall in, everyone has a dream to go there and sightsee. It is a good chance to arrange a visit with airoutelimo and make your experience a memorable one.

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