Museum Etiquette: Some Do’s and Don’ts Every Traveler Should Know

Museum Etiquette

At the mere mention of museum many tourists cringe thinking it is a place where boring people go. This is a common misconception, especially when you are visiting a town like Gettysburg. The rich American history the town offers can be explored in detail through different museums like the Gettysburg Museum of History and so many others like it.

For those who are willing to give museums a try there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do during a tour. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when entering a museum or any of the other Gettysburg attractions that are delicate and precious:

Tip 1: Stick To Indoor Voices

Of course it is hard to stay quiet when you are amazed or enthralled by what you see, but being noisy can ruin the museum experience for everyone else. Parents travelling with kids should remind their children to stick to their indoor voices while inside the museum. This is of course not applicable to interactive museums where it is naturally noisy.

Tip 2: Leave Your Bags

Most museums do not allow visitors to bring bulky bags as they are hard to control. Keep in mind that many will require you to leave large bags, even handbags in a counter. This is to ensure you do not accidently knock over any display because you are not paying attention to your bag. You can bring your valuable with you if you’re unsure about the security and safety of the baggage counter.

Tip 3: Mind The Flash Photography

Normally most museums will allow photography as long as the flash is off, especially when it comes to paintings and other precious items. Double, even triple check your camera or your phone’s settings to ensure that they do not have a flash before taking a picture. Also, ask your tour guide or any other museum personnel if they allow photographs inside the museum. If not, keep your camera and let your brain absorb everything you see instead.

Tip 4: Pay Attention To The Display, Not Your Phone

Everyone today seems to be addicted to their phones, but when you’re inside a museum the last thing you’d want to do is be on your phone. You cannot properly experience the different exhibits and displays with a screen blocking your view. Plus, you don’t want to be the next viral video when you accidentally ruin an exhibit inside a historic Gettysburg museum because you were on your phone.

Tip 5: Don’t Block The Exhibit

You might be tempted to get up close and personal with certain artifacts in different Gettysburg attractions, but don’t block the view. There is a big chance that there are other people waiting to see what you’re seeing so don’t be selfish. Stand at an appropriate distance to ensure everyone has the same level of experience as you do.

There are other dos and don’ts when it comes to museum visits and you can read all about them in a tourist guide. Just remember these basics to avoid getting embarrassed during the course of your tour.
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