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If you are planning a ski holiday in Chamonix, then you may well be thinking of ways to get in shape now. After all those turns are not the easiest on the knees. In fact, by planning some simple leg exercises, you could improve your skiing and also ensure that you do not get injured on the slopes. Which sounds like a great deal to us! We have put together some of the best leg exercises and stretches to get you completely mountain ready.

Stretching you upper legs

Many skiers get injured because they cannot keep their legs symmetrical. This happens when your feet are pulled wider than your knees. This is called the dreaded A-frame shape in the legs. One of the main reasons why A-frame’s are so common is lack of awareness of lateral control muscles.

How to solve it?

It might sound bizarre but you can use an old t-shirt or cloth to train your legs. Firstly, lay it on the floor beneath you.  Then with a foot either side, pull your feet towards each other.  The goal is to pull your feet together without your knees dropping, at the slowest possible speed. This will train your body to keep those upper legs strong and will prevent and A-frame shape.

Keeping your calves nimble

You calves can become tight and taught over time. Especially if you are quite an active person. The calves need extra stretching before skiing as they are used in so many different ways. Ensure to stretch them out by doing classic lunges. Hold these positions for up to 30 seconds if you can, to ensure the calves are less tight.

Working your ankles

Lastly it is the ankle that need some assistance. In ski boots, ankles are strapped in tight. However they can still be afflicted by injuries. Properly fitted boots should give some flex to avoid too much strain on the calves. To stretch the ankles properly you can stand against a wall with your heels, and shoulders against it.  Focus on flexing your ankles and see how far you can drop down keeping your heels on the ground and back against the wall. As if you were getting ready to take off from a jump.

We hope that these ski exercises really help you to perform your very best in the winter months to come. By religiously sticking to these exercises, you could prevent a whole host of injuries – meaning you will be able to ski in Chamonix for many years to come!


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