Paris, the city of love and light, is one of the most visited destinations on the European continent. In it you will find some of the most popular museums, monuments and buildings internationally that contrast with the elegant streets that surround the city. In Paris, you have the possibility to live unique moments that will become part of your best memories. If you are thinking of visiting the city and do not know where to start, keep reading this article to discover how to organize a trip to Paris.

Steps to follow:

1   How to get to Paris

The easiest and fastest way to get to Paris is by plane. In addition, you can take advantage of the offers of low cost companies and get direct flights at interesting prices. The city has three airports: Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is the main airport located 23 km northeast of Paris; Paris Orly Airport, located 16 km south of the city; and the Beauvais Airport, which is further away about 80 km from Paris.

When you arrive at the airports, find out what is the best way to get to the center of the city. In all cases, there are train and bus lines that you can take to get to your final destination.

2   When to travel to Paris.

This is an important issue to take into account when organizing your trip to Paris. Actually, the city is perfect to visit at any time of the year but we could say that the best option would be in spring in the months of April to June. Thus, we will avoid the tourist agglomeration and enjoy a more pleasant climate.

3    Paris is a city full of tourist attractions that you must visit and know on your trip. Undoubtedly there are essential visits, starting with the symbol of Paris and the most visited monument, the Eiffel Tower. Climbing to the top of the tower is an incredible experience that every traveler should realize, a unique opportunity to see all of Paris at 300 meters high. Find here beautiful Hotels near the Eiffel Tower.

4   Whether you are an art lover or not, a visit to the Louvre, one of the most important museums in the world, is a must. You will be in front of a valuable collection of art, among which you can admire masterpieces such as the famous Giaconda by Da Vinci, La Libertad Guiding the Town of Delacroix, The Wedding of Cana by Veronese, The Venus de Milo, The Sitting Scribe, etc.

5   Visit buildings such as Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge, Palace of Versailles and walk through the Champs Elysees or the Montmartre district and see the spectacular Sacré Cour Basilica are other essential things you cannot miss on your trip to Paris. Another of our recommendations is the wonderful night boat ride on the Seine, an ideal occasion to observe the great beauty of the monuments and the city illuminated at night.

6   Where to stay

At the time of organizing your trip to Paris you will not have problems finding good accommodations. As the main places of interest are scattered throughout the city, you can choose the area you prefer to stay. Also, a good area to sleep is the one that goes from the Isle de la Cite to the Eiffel Tower. This would be a good option since it is a central area and very safe. Here is a list of the best hotels in Paris, do not hesitate to find the best one for you.

7    The French gastronomy is famous all over the world. Take advantage of your trip to Paris to taste some of the most exquisite dishes of French cuisine, a good breakfast with coffee, croissant, crepes in one of its cafeterias, and typical French cheeses.

8   If you are going to travel to Paris with the little ones of the house, you have the opportunity to help them fulfill every child’s dream: visit Disneyland Paris, the Disney theme park that will surprise the whole family. Spend two or three days in the park is a good option to fully enjoy this experience, you can choose and book your stay here.

9    Following these recommendations to organize a trip to Paris, the experience will be very pleasant and enjoyable.

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