How to Claim Holiday Sickness Compensation

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When you get sick on a holiday due to mismanagement of your hotel or trip manager, you have every right to claim holiday sickness compensation. There are a number of reasons you can get compensated for; from beg bugs to slips and trips in the hotel pools, you are entitled to your claim in every way.

There are a variety of claims available for the injuries you have to suffer on your trip. Any personal injuries during air travel or sea travel are dealt with in a different way as compared to food poisoning from the hotel buffet or the issue of bed bugs.

The claims process is as follows:

1.     Find out if you have a claim

The easiest way to doing this is approaching an experienced legal team. They will let you know whether or not you are entitled to a claim. And if you are, then how much is your claim worth and how long will it take to complete?

2.     How to make a claim

Get advice from a professional on how to approach the relevant parties for a claim. How much your claim is worth or what the best offer for your claim is can be determined by a solicitor only. Therefore, in order to make a claim, first, you have to gain legal advice.

3.     Duration of holiday compensation claim

This would depend on the individual circumstances of your case. If the claim is being made for an illness or injury that took place outside the borders of your own country, then it is bound to take around 6 months for the other side to investigate and respond.

If the case is pretty much straightforward and the involved party admits to its mistake and faults, then it takes about 12 months to settle such cases.

4.     Holiday sickness compensation amounts

Obviously, if you’re filing a claim you will keep wondering what the worth of the claim is and how much are you bound to receive from it. In most countries, the compensation amount is determined by the level of seriousness of these injuries. The more serious your injury is, the higher will be the amount you will receive as claims.

5.     Genuine reason

To make a claim under any law you have to show there was a lack of reasonable care and expertise in the supply of your holiday. Please note, however, that the skill and care that is expected will be considered according to the reasonable standards of the county where the incident took place.

Lastly, if you fall into the trap of a holiday sickness, the best you can do for yourself is hire a solicitor to take care of your problems. Most hotels and travel managers do not want to be held responsible for any irregularities on their part. This is why it is impossible to deal with such parties on your own. Therefore, to claim your holiday sickness compensation, help yourself by hiring legal authorities.


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