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Hiking in South Wales is a Charming Escape

Hiking in South Wales

A walking holiday in South Wales is made all the more interesting when you take a self-guided tour of the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park, which is the only coastal park in the UK. If you enjoy viewing wildlife, then you will find an excursion to the area to be quite charming. On your sojourn, you can view dolphins, porpoises, and small whales. A protected bird sanctuary can also be found off the coast on the Island of Ramsey. This walking tour spans from Cardigan all the way to Broad Haven in Wales.

However, to begin the journey, most walkers begin in Fishguard, and then proceed from there. Some of the trekking can be difficult so you need to be prepared for anything. For instance, the journey from Newport to Cardigan takes up to six hours, which might seem rather lengthy to most people. However, the journey is an absolute delight. The area surrounding Cardigan Bay is famous for its dolphins and beautiful waterfront scenery. Walkers often find the marine mammals basking in the bay region in the white sunlight. The duration of the trip, though it may seem laborious and time consuming, is necessary in order to see all of the wonderful sights.

The Pembrokeshire Coastline

When taking the route, walkers often climb up to the tops of cliffs. At their destination, they are able to view a variety of birds and catch a glimpse of the gorgeous high altitude views. They can also take in long and breathtaking views to the south, with much of the seascape consisting of the Pembrokeshire coastline. The Stumble Head lighthouse, which is a common point of interest, can be found here as well. Viewing galleries allow you to look out toward the ocean to view the porpoises, dolphins, and whales without skipping a beat.

Visiting St. David’s

Whilst on your walking trip, you can also board a shuttle to St. David’s. This ancient city is the smallest city in the UK and is also home to the patron Saint of Wales. On tours, walkers often choose to spend the night in the unique locale out of sheer interest. Whilst hiking in Wales in this location, you can also enjoy the surfing haven of Whitesands, where summer days see surfers riding the waves and enjoying the continually balmy breeze.

Four-star Accommodation

This type of coastal trek is filled with simple day walks that can be combined with more strenuous hikes. Self-guided walking tours last about six hours per day, depending on the preference of the participants. Normally, in Wales, you will be challenged by hilly terrain. However, the well-kept paths are what make hiking in this area a much easier pursuit. In the end, you are rewarded with some memorable and panoramic views. Accommodation for walkers on self-guided excursions are usually rated 4-stars at the very least. If certain hotels or guest houses are not available, then the tour operator books an equivalent accommodation.

Most Tours Are Seven Days

Most walking tours in Wales feature a seven nights’ stay, photo walk instructions, and luggage transfer. Walking guests are also offered transportation before a tour begins and after it ends. Single rooms, entrances to attractions, and flights are all extra charges. It is also recommended that you take out travel insurance for your trip, for obvious reasons.

Travel insurance will come with a walking tour package and does not cost that much. Tour operators do advise the coverage, as the chance for a mishap increases when you are walking over hilly terrain or along cliffs. Make sure you are well prepared for your trip by reviewing information about the countryside and local customs. Scheduling a walking tour to Wales is an exciting move, so do all that you can to ensure that your holiday goes as planned.


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