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Hawaii is definitely a perfect destination for your next tropical vacation. There are very few hot spots like this country. It is majestic and beaming with white sandy beaches you will not find elsewhere. Whether it is city life, valleys or mountains, Hawaii has everything you can think of. This is a place where people stay and explore happily.

So, why are the Hawaiian Islands famous? Why is there so much hype around Hawaii? If these are questions in your mind, keep reading. By the end of this article, you will realize that Hawaii is different from every other tropical destination.

Reason #1

Hawaii is a collection of eight major islands. Every island is special. It has unique qualities, beauties,and strengths. No two Hawaiian islands look or feel the same.

For example, Oahu is considered as a place for gathering. This is identified as the most spectacular Hawaiian island. It has something for everyone in the family. May it is the bustling capital city of Honolulu or the silent Eastern shores, there is plenty to see and experience in Oahu. You will see thousands of travelers swimming, lounging and shopping in this city.

Reason #2

The “Big Hawaiian Island” is known for its active volcanoes. The volcanoes have been erupting the past three decades. Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes is found here. Hawaii Island is deemed as the youngest. But, it is growing rapidly.

Reason #3

The talk about Hawaii will be incomplete without “Kauai”. This is also known as the Garden Isle. The place is loaded with hiking spots, trails, hippy locates, green vegetation and splendid vibes. Kauai is considered as heaven on earth. This is one of the oldest Hawaiian Islands open for visitors. What makes the Kauai special would be “quietness”. You will not hear loud noises or see thenightlife. Everything in this island is calm and composed.

Wherever you go, you will see fantastic views of the blue waters, exotic mountains,and private sandy beaches.

Reason #4

If you are looking for a destination that is ethnically diverse, Hawaii is definitely a spot for you! This is one of the world’s most diverse holiday spots. Ardent travelers and adventure lovers identify this as a melting pot of traditions and cultures. You will notice that the Hawaiian culture is strongly influenced by the Thai, Tongan, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Tahitian, Spanish and Samoan. (Well, the list doesn’t stop here!)

Meanwhile, the Hawaiian culture is always thriving. You will see that the locals are always happy and shinning. With the beach-, city- and street- names you will see that Hawaiian culture and language is here to last. People in and around the region love to speak and spread vibes of Hawaiian culture.

Reason #5

Last but certainly not least, you must visit Hawaii for its scrumptious food. The meals in Hawaii are culturally inclined. Every culture in the Hawaiian Islands has a special menu item. This is why you must not skip the state cuisine!

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