Wonders of Mexico

Once you know that you plan to spend your holiday trip over the pond in a completely different country, there is little more to consider as to where you should go because Mexico is one of the best choices available. Not only are there spectacular landscapes, no end to luxury hotel and resort options, and food worth remembering for a lifetime but you discover find places for a family, couple, or just one person to find excitement and fun. No matter if you and a group of friends plan to fly over for a huge hens’ party getaway or alone for an adventure away from home, the result will be a deep collection of new memories that you will never stop looking back on with fondness.

The Ocean Life

Mexico was once dubbed the “aquarium of the world” by Jacques Cousteau and there is little reason for you to doubt this nickname because it will quickly become apparent just how many marine species live in the surrounding waters. This is one place absolutely famous among divers and marine naturalists due to the sheer number of species available for viewing simply by slipping underneath the water and looking down. Colours that you never imagined will mix together with the more than 900 fish and 32 types of marine mammals found in the waters to create one of the most breathtaking natural paintings in the world.

Mayan Ruins

Among the many rolling hills of the country are dotted a number of Mayan ruins left behind by the mighty civilisation that once called the land home. Among the most memorable are Chichen Itza, Tulum, Palenque, and Uxmal, the latter of which was once home to more than 25,000 Native Americans in one of the world’s largest cities held by these ancient peoples. These men, women, and children called the land home for thousands of years and now you have the opportunity to walk on some of the same streets they did before the introduction of Europe to the North American continent.

Food and Drink

There are more than a few great ways you can enjoy Mexican tequila and there are even a number of amazing drinks and foods that taste absolutely spectacular without even a drop of alcohol added to the mix. For example, you may try a signature Mexican mocktail, the name given to a number of amazing drinks made with great care and much skill that require no tequila or alcohol of any kind to make them memorable. No matter if you simply want to have fun without the interruption of alcohol or are not quite of age to enjoy, you will never run out of options for great drinks without adding anything you would not want in them.

Dia de Muertos

Translated as the “Day of the Dead,” the Dia de Muertos festivities are something that you will never soon forget and it is truly a time of celebration and fun for the entire Mexican people. Much of the culture in this country will not see death as something to mourn but rather to celebrate as just another stage of life in which your soul will continue living on forever. It is truly amazing to watch a sea of men, women, and children painted up as if they were walking skeletons, flowers in nearly every woman’s hair, colourful scarves and dresses, and much more parading throughout the cities as you watch them go.


There are a few places on earth known to never sleep and Cancun is one such city where the fun will never stop even if the sun is hours below the horizon. This is a great place for people to enjoy a break from university, party with friends and family, meet new friends, taste unbelievably delicious foods, and much, much more. There are a number of resorts located in this city with every luxury that you could imagine available and the only thing limiting the fun that you could have is your own budget for the adventure.

The Beaches

Mexico has kilometres and kilometres of beaches, all of which are beautiful, kept clean by the locals, and a hot spot for fun and adventure for people from all corners of the globe. It is not enough that you get to enjoy some time under the sun with the people you love the most but you should have the adventure of a lifetime and see some fascinating creatures along the way. Boating expeditions and tours are available, and you may also choose to snorkel, surf, or even dive into the ocean if you have the proper certification.

There is something spectacular about seeing an octopus catch a crab for its lunch just centimetres away from you and you never know what else you may see while on the beach. If you plan to come with friends or family, there are nearly always tide pools to be found where rocks meet the water and this is your opportunity to see some wildlife that may not typically come out of the water for others to see. Imagine looking into a seemingly tiny pool of water and discovering an entire ecosystem of plants and animals hard at work keeping their home comfortable and producing offspring.

Mexico City

One of the most populated metropolises in the world, this is a sprawling, busy city filled with wide boulevards, untold numbers of palm trees, vendors selling street food on every corner, amazing modern art murals, and much more for you to enjoy. It is absolutely a holiday in and of itself and you may spend two full days of your time away from home dedicated to seeing all the hidden corners of the city and still not run out of new places and sights to see. The result of this is that you will find adventure at every turn, which may not be possible for nearly any other location available for a holiday getaway. You deserve to feel not only excited about your holiday destination but also ready to truly explore some of the most amazing locations in the world, most of which can be found within the large borders of Mexico.

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