Enjoy Leisure Stay In Australia By Renting Modern Studio Apartments


Are you planning for a vacation? Then you must be on the lookout for a comfortable lodging. If yes, then you must be in search of a luxury hotel that can turn your holidays blissful. Just stop for a moment and try to look for another option .i.e Studio apartments. Well, you might be thinking that why to choose Studio apartment than a hotel? This article is going to give you details about this option which could allow you to spend a good time with your family.

Features of Studio Apartments

A Studio apartment is regarded as a new discovery into the domain of lodging. Mostly, people look for hotels or apartments for a temporary stay at a new destination but hotels lack that homely environment which one can get in a studio apartment. If you rent a studio apartment you will feel as if you have never moved out of your home as it is filled with amenities like kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room along with a balcony.

Nowadays, studio apartments are adorned with plenty of features like free wifi, Led TV sets, freer toiletries, washers and may and if you wish to hire same for Your next trip to Newcastle then you are advised to visit as they are known for their unmatched homely services & competitive pricing.

Difference between One Room Apartment and Studio Apartments

These two terms are quite confusing and most of us think that both are the same when it is not. One room apartments have separate spaces for a living room, kitchen and a bedroom. On the contrary, a studio apartment is designed as a single space and this space can be used as kitchen, bedroom and living room.

Furthermore, differences lie in the price structure because a one-room apartment has a comparatively wider space than a studio apartment and hence they can put a big hole in your pockets. Studio apartments are quite cheaper and if you find it difficult to have all in a single space then you can even build up dividing walls for separating the spaces. It completely depends on the user to choose the one which matches their pursuit.

Benefits of Living in Studio Apartments

If you are confused about your choice of a studio apartment then just have a look at the below-mentioned points that will definitely urge you to shift to a studio apartment.

  • Studio apartments are mainly in the hip part of a city and so you will not face problems of transportation and you can also find restaurants or café nearby.
  • The best part of choosing studio apartments over hotels is perhaps due to its low cost. A luxury hotel will charge a huge sum of money for your stay whereas studio apartments can offer you comfortable lodging at a low price.
  • With separate rooms, our cleaning task becomes all the more difficult but with a single space, you can get some respite from hectic cleaning work.
  • You can even separate room, if you want privacy, by just making use of separation walls in between and enjoy comfy living.

So, now you have some idea about the second option other than a hotel that will make your holiday a memorable one. However, check the apartment reviews before cracking a deal and try to find out the amenities that are provided by a particular studio apartment.

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