Dubai Announces the Innovative ‘Floating Venice’ Which Is Truly Exclusive and Unique


Kleindienst Group, which is known to be an eminent real estate and property developer of Dubai, has lately made an announcement of their upcoming plan. They have decided to build ‘Floating Venice’. Its capacity will be to hold up to 3000-guests at a go. However, if you are wondering what this would be quite similar to the city from which the name has been derived, then you are nowhere even close to your imagination.

We all are aware of the magnificent and unique Flights to Dubai and the good list of cruise lines the city offers. However, The Floating Venice is something that’s worth visiting. It is going to be highly fashionable at the same time ultra-modern in its outlook. To build it, the cost would be approximately cost AED 2.49-billion. It has been so far stated that it will get anchored 4km off the Dubai coast. In fact, travelers would also be able to conveniently enjoy shutter services in the form of jetties and marina. Hence, to take you to and fro the land, you will not have to encounter any problems. Everything is being planned to provide utmost convenience to the guests.

It has also been promised by the developer that the guests who come here will be able to experience the best and most exclusive authentic Venetian taste. This is most probably one of the most exceptional and one of a kind floating hotel resort. In fact, it will end up being the most popular amongst the cruise passengers and travelers too.

This resort is expected to have the very first underwater luxury vessel resort and hotel booking, which has not been found anywhere in the world. Even though it gets a bit tough to believe it would have 180 underwater cabins. On the other hand, the remaining 234 will be above the water. The guests will be able to enjoy the remarkable Dubai skyline, which has been quite recently voted as the best in the world.

In fact, underwater you there would be restaurants, boutique and bars available too. Guests will be able to experience some artistic and stupendous view of the coral reefs and passing gondolas.

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