Celebrate Mexican Independence in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, as is its tradition, is planning to celebrate Mexican independence with great zeal and fervor. It will be fun and enjoyment for not just the locals but also the tourists for 3 consecutive days from 15 to 17 of September. September is recognized as the Month of Our nation (El Mas de la Patria) in Mexico. Independence Day is known as El Grito in Mexico. On this day, whole of Mexico celebrates its independence from Spanish rule.

If you happen to be in Puerto Vallarta on this day, you can experience all the festivities. There are parties and celebrations all over Puerto Vallarta, especially on its two main squares. There are fireworks, dances, parades, and lot more for the fun and recreation of the locals as well as the tourists. During the celebrations, traditional Mexican dishes are prepared to add to the feelings of patriotism.

El Grito is really the time to be in this beautiful resort town of Mexico. You not only get to see the beauty and charm of the landscape of Puerto Vallarta but also get a glimpse of the true Mexican traditions from close quarters. All the streets and the two main squares are decorated using paper flags and garlands. Vendors are seen selling balloons and hats in colors of the Mexican flag. People from not just Puerto Vallarta but also from other parts of the Malaga region converge on the main square where the Mayor of the city gives a speech. The fun really begins after his speech as fireworks start, brightening the night skies of Puerto Vallarta. It becomes a party for all after this with wild celebrations continuing whole night on the streets of Puerto Vallarta. Nightclubs and bars are the places where people have a blast for as long as they can.

The next day, which is 16 September, revelry continues with  a colorful military parade on the streets of Puerto Vallarta. Students also present colorful dance performances to the full delight of the onlookers. One major attraction of the 2nd day festivities is the Taco fair. This is the day when all eating joints serve the best of their tacos to their customers and the tourists. Enjoy the tacos with a wide variety of fillings such as shrimp, fish, chorizo, asada, carne, and salsas.

Make sure you visit Puerto Vallarta during this time in September to be able to see and enjoy all the festivities.


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