Casa Vicens, the first house designed by Gaudí in Barcelona


There are six works of Gaudí in Barcelona designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site: Parc Güell, Palau Güell, Casa Milà (also known as La Pedrera), Sagrada Familia (façade, crypt and apse), Casa Batlló and Casa Vicens – modernistic work of Gaudí; today we talk about this astonishing construction we strongly recommend to visit if you travel to Barcelona.

What is Casa Vicens

Used as monographic museum about Gaudí nowadays, this was the very first design developed by the architect in Barcelona. It was built between 1883 and 1885 ordered by Vicens family. They wanted a house where spending summertime.

Gaudí left his own personal (and almost spiritual) print in all his works, and we can easily recognize it in this single-family home that marked a milestone in his career. Casa Vicens was also the starting point of architectural modernism in Catalonia.

This modernism is included in Gaudí’s orientalist era, when the architect used decorative elements and artistic ornaments typical of countries such as India, Japan or Persia in his design. But he also used Hispanic movements like Nazarí and Mudejar.

Where is Casa Vicens located and areas

Casa Vicens is located in Gràcia neighbourhood, in Carrer de les Carolines, 20, between Av. Princep d’Astúries y Carrer Gran de Gràcia. This point is really close to two underground stations: Fontana and Lesseps, which are part of Line 3.

Talking about areas of Casa Vicents, we find three different spaces due to several changes through last years:

  • The original House, which is a 4-floors area of 1.000 square meters.
  • An extension developed by Joan Baptista Serra de Martínez in 1925.
  • And the garden surrounding the house.

Nowadays, Casa Vicens is a museum. This way, it has suffered some changes to ease visits and a big restoration to make it similar to Gaudí’s original design. However, all the spaces of the house remain intact.

Ground floor is the reception area for visitors. First and second floors are the exhibition areas and the space where the museum is located. There is also a library in the basement (used as wine cellar years ago) and a viewpoint in the terrace. All the floors are connected by a lift.

Regarding to the garden, it has been recreated exactly like the old surroundings of the house. It includes the same Mediterranean flora personally selected by Gaudí: magnolias, palms and even climbing plants.

Temporary and permanent exhibitions

Visitors Will be able to enjoy two different exhibitions.

  • Permanent exhibition. It is located in the second floor and it narrates the 130-years history of Casa Vicens. We find a retrospective video and several interesting documents such as Reus Manuscript, where Gaudí explains his concept of house: “The house is the small nation of family”.
  • Temporary exhibitions. The first one is a great retrospective about different architects who influenced Gaudí. In the future, quarterly, there will be exhibitions about other architects related to the Catalan architect and they will include furniture because the house is not equipped with it.

Besides the exhibitions, Casa Vicens also offers activities for all publics to promote Gaudí’s work and personality and guided visits for all those who want to learn more about artistic conception of the Catalan genius.

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