Barcelona, city of culture- and delicious food!

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For culture lovers, Barcelona is a real gem. With so many art galleries to browse through, and awe-inspiring architecture everywhere you turn, just walking through the streets of the city leaves you feeling more cultured. On my recent trip there, I spent countless hours exploring the El Born district, where many different quirky museums and galleries are to be found. In particular, the Picasso Museum is an excellent place to while away a few hours looking over the thousands of drawings by the master artist that they have on display.

Once I’d finished in the museum, I wandered back out into the Spanish sun, and suddenly felt myself feeling hungry. I wanted something to eat that I could tuck into straight away, instead of having to wait around to be served. Luckily, just the sort of place I was looking for was just down the street- The Pan’s Club!

Inside the restaurant, I found an amazing selection of vegetarian food, all freshly made that day. From quiches and salads to smoothies and brownies, everything looked so yummy, it was hard for me to choose what to buy! I ended up going for a quiche, which was, no joke, one of the tastiest quiches I’ve ever eaten. I just had to come back the next day for some more!

Another great thing that The Pan’s Club offer is their signature lunchbox, which comes packed with a quiche, salad, and smoothie. Since Barcelona gets so much sunshine, and with so many great sights to see outside, these lunchboxes are ideal for urban explorers who want to pick up something quick to take with them as they wander through the city.

Next time I’m back in Barcelona, I’ll definitely be coming back again and again to The Pan’s Club, and exploring more of what their menu has to offer. I’d heartily recommend that if you’re planning on visiting the city, you find the time to stop by, too!


The Pan’s Club

Plaça de la Llana, 16

08003 Barcelona -SPAIN

Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

T : +34 932 776 827








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