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As you set out in a campervan hire New Zealand, you may be searching for interesting and cultural things to do. If you are planning on visiting Auckland on your trip, you are in luck. Auckland is full of activities and events for the culture buff who wants to satisfy his curiosity and do something different.

While many people who visit New Zealand tend to book trips to natural destinations, the cities in Australia’s neighboring country are full of charm and fantastic things to do. Auckland is a particular special city which draws many visitors throughout the year.

Check out these activities and start planning for a vacation like none other:

  • Visit the Auckland Museum to discover both the history of the city, as well as learn new things about the wildlife and nature of this unique area of New Zealand. You will learn a lot about Maori culture and legend as well, which is a must do for anyone visiting this country.
  • You may want to visit the Ponsonby neighborhood in Auckland if you want to enjoy activities such as live-music or visit art galleries. This area is where those who enjoy artsy events and activities gather and we are confident that it will be an interesting experience for you, culture buff. Dress to impress and get to know one of the most popular spots in the city.
  • If you want some time to relax while on your trip and enjoy a good book or two, you should visit the wineries on Waiheke Island. This area is a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike and is known for being a great spot for a weekend getaway. From the wine to the white sand beaches, it will be a relaxing and satisfying experience as you meet new people or enjoy one of your favorite pastimes.
  • Park your campervan hire New Zealand and take a walking tour to learn about the Maori history. As an interactive experience, it will be an activity that will be sure to satisfy those who want to learn all that they can about the history of this unique and beautiful country. The Maori are a fascinating people with many traditions and a rich history, so you can rest assured that you will enjoy a tour like this one.
  • Observe the outdoor art in Auckland and take as many pictures as you want. There are many fascinating sculptures to be found in the city and some of them are so quirky that you will want to make sure you get plenty of pictures to post on social media.
  • If you enjoy good music and you’re in the area during New Zealand’s summer, you will want to attend at least one music festival. From Laneway Festival to Splore, you will have the opportunity to dance and sing along with your favorite musicians while also getting to know people. Kiwis, like Australians, are friendly and welcoming people and attending a music festival with them is sure to be an unforgettable experience.
  • Visit Mount Eden, which is an inactive volcano in the middle of Auckland. You will have incredible views of the city from the top and be able to enjoy a heart-pumping walk to get there.
  • Visit Te Han Te Ao Marama to get a real glimpse of Maori life. It’s a Maori village near the city and will allow you to experience many things from the Maori culture. From the food to the location, you will feel as if you were a part of the Maori lifestyle and may never want to leave. (Unfortunately, there is a closing time, so you can’t stay there.)
  • Enjoy the nightlife in Auckland. You will have an opportunity to get to know the local people and enjoy a different atmosphere than what you may be used to back home. Visit the Viaduct Harbour or catch a comedy show on Queen Street.
  • If what you want to do is feast your eyes on art, and more art, visit the Auckland Art Gallery. There, you will find corridor after corridor filled with art. From new artists to highly popular ones, there is enough their work for you to see during your visit to Auckland.
  • Are you visiting Auckland during the summer? Visit the Silo Park and catch a great film. It’s fun, its free, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

As you can see, there is plenty to do and see while visiting Auckland. If you are a culture buff exploring in a campervan hire New Zealand, you don’t want to miss out on doing all of the activities mentioned above. From observing Maori culture to catching a flick with a bunch of locals on the weekend during the summer, there is a plethora of enjoyable experiences for those who want to understand and get to know more about the Kiwis and the country.

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