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Anuradhapura: My Favourite Travel Destination in Sri Lanka


Interestingly, Anuradhapura has become one of the most favourite destinations in Sri Lanka. From the grand escapes the countryside offers, to the lush greenery that one can relish with a trip down here, the sacred city of Anuradhapura is home to one of South Asia’s most evocative sights. One can stay at a budget-friendly Anuradhapura guest house or start their journey with a Tangalle accommodation by booking through Yoho Bed so as to save money to focus more on the journey ahead.

Here are some of the highlights of a dream trip to Anuradhapura –

The History and Heritage:

Originally a sacred city, Anuradhapura has a large number of monastic complexes that are dedicated to different sects of Buddhism, including Theravada, Mahavihara, and Mahayana. It has beautiful stupas including Jetavana, Ruyanvelisaya, Mirisavati and Abhayagiri. Lucky travellers can also spot the various fortified walls and moas in the Citadel.

The Bodhi Tree:

The Bodhi Tree is sacred to Buddhists around the world and is central to Anuradhapura’s spiritual and physical wellbeing. The area is well known as being an actively spiritual cleansing sight, where travellers can relax and meditate on the things that they want from life. The tree itself was grown from saplings brought from Bodhgaya and is said to be one of the oldest authentic trees in the world. Thousands upon thousands come here to experience the magic of The Bodhi Tree first hand. It’s more packed during the Poya (full moon) days and weekends.

Abhayagiri Dagoba:

The dagoba is as old as history itself, making it one of the most visited places inside of Anuradhapura. Its serene atmosphere is often inviting to those who are seeking a pleasant vibe and a spiritual side to their lives. It truly is a transformational experience coming to the Abhayagiri Dagoba, and it’s surprising how close it is situated to a pocket-friendly Anuradhapura guest house offered by Yoho Bed.

Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba:

This gorgeous ivory-white dagoba is a giant building that is guarded by a fleet of 350 elephants. These magnificent elephants are standing next to each other, so as to symbolise strength and humility. Most of the elements here are still preserved from an ancient era (150BC). It is a wonderful spiritual destination for those who want to get in touch with their inner child. It is said that a portion of Buddha’s ashes were enshrined in this very dagoba.

Ratna Prasada Guard Stone:

Travellers visit this place for good luck and prosperity. Visiting the Ratna Prasada Guard Stone helps travellers find their way home and into their hearts. The Ratna Prasad, meaning Jewel Palace (gift), is still used by monks who practice Mahayana Buddhism (Theravada). It’s a deep cultural sect from the Buddhist tradition and has its roots in ancient India.

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