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Most people choose to vacation in Hawaii for the obvious reasons — beaches, beautiful scenery, and even the rich history.

For others, Hawaii is an ideal place to further their education in a field they’re passionate about.

The following are some reasons you may choose to travel to Hawaii that go beyond the norm.

Training in alternative healing

As the conventional medicine community becomes more open-minded toward the alternative healing community, the time has never been better to study in Hawaii.

Hawaii’s history is actually rich in natural healing methods.

Chinese and Japanese immigrants brought their treatments to the Islands, leaving a significant impact. Their influences were mainly in the areas of herbal medicine, shiatsu, acupuncture and tai chi.

Ancient Hawaiians viewed spiritual power as a necessity to heal the physical body. They saw body, mind, and spirit as one and believed the body couldn’t be healed without healing the spirit.

There are Hawaiian Healthcare Centers that offer traditional Hawaiian Healing programs, as well as a variety of places to learn about alternative therapies and healing.

Yoga teacher training

Few places on Earth provide a more beautiful setting in which to learn the art of yoga than Hawaii.

Practically, receiving yoga teacher training in Hawaii is more affordable than many other destinations, even being referred to as “the land of affordable yoga!”

Traveling somewhere away from your normal routines can give you a chance to focus on learning all that you can about your craft.

In addition, you have the benefit of learning from teachers who are masters at their art.

The ability to learn in an environment with like-minded people can give you a whole new perspective that you can share with your students when you return home.

Studying yoga in a destination like Hawaii can help you shed some of the busyness you carry around with you in your everyday life and allow you to center yourself and reconnect with yourself.

The art of hula

There’s truly no better place to learn the art of hula.

Widely viewed as something for tourists to do when they visit Hawaii, it’s much more.

It is a rich Hawaiian tradition and, though nearly everyone is familiar with it, not everyone knows that it is a way of life with a dedicated following of teachers and students.

Hula is treated as a sacred endeavor by many and is much more than a dance, but has spiritual and mythical implications.

Each movement and gesture represent a celebration of creation, procreation, gods and their descendants on earth, historical events, legends and myths, ancestry and life forces.

There are a variety of different levels of hula schools, depending on how in-tune you want to be with the deeper understandings of the culture.

Likewise, not all teachers of hula are as knowledgeable about the spiritual aspects.

A vacation to Hawaii to learn about this fascinating art would be an “off-the-beaten-path” trip, for sure.

Of course, there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking a vacation that’s based around sunbathing on gorgeous beaches and taking in breath-taking sights.

But if you’re yearning for something that’s different or deeper, with far-reaching implications, you may want to consider spending some time in Hawaii learning the art of hula, gaining wisdom in alternative healing, or honing your yoga teaching skills.

Open your heart and mind to a different way of thinking!

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