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5 things to love about Srimanta Sankardev Kalakhetra by Guwahati Tourism


Srimanta Sankardev Kalakhetra is a great place to groove. It’s a place full of interesting things in every step. It’s like a beautiful landscape. It’s a blending of culture and nature to be witnessed. This cultural institution is named after the great poet, playwright, social-religious reformer of Assam Mahapurux Srimanta Sankardev of 15th-16th century. The aim of this organisation is to preserving and as well as promoting Assamese and North-Eastern states rich and diverse heritage. This place is well constructed and well planned. With a beautiful entrance, the entire area became more n more interesting while exploring. Every single moment of you here will be fantastic. Among them, we have listed some interesting facts about this place that you will love. Let’s have a look at them.

1.The Heritage Park Heritage Park possesses some statues as representatives of traditional Assamese games, instruments, etc. Some icons are presenting traditional Assamese Bullfight, Man playing “Joi Dhul’ (drum) and flutes, etc.There are artificial ponds too here, and on the side of them, you can relax for a while. You enjoy the natural beauty in the midst of the city. The cool breeze and picturesque sight will give peace to your eyes. The couple can also spend sometimes here expressing their feelings of heart towards each other. For those we love photography, this is an ideal place. And of course, you will have a great profile picture to put on your social media or a perfect selfie.

2.Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Museum – Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was the golden voice of Assam who was known worldwide. He was a playback singer, lyricist, musician, singer, poet and film-maker widely known as Sudhakantha. A museum is constructed here named after him. You will find this one only in Kalakhetra. The authority has preserved and showcases the various objects associated with the life of the legend Dr. Bhupen Hazarika so that visitor can have a look and get inspired by his life.

3.The Purbajyoti museum– This is an excellent place that every guest love. A building full of colourful things and aura of Assamese culture. After entering this building, you will not be able to rest your eyes for a moment as things are here so scenic that your eyes can’t be off from the things. It’s a box full of surprises in every sight. This building has Cottage Industries products of Assam and North East, Textiles and costumes, Sattriya Masks, Musical Instruments, Terracotta and Clay Art, Basketry and Wood Products, Bell Metal and Brass Products and Objects of Sankari Culture. It is not like that once you visit this place you will get bored in next time. It is not at all monotonous. Every time I visit this site I see something new. The authority adds more and more things and keeps updating this place. You will be astonished to see some giant thing here such as giant pot, old boat, the door of Legend Mahapursh Madhav Dev’s house and many other precious things, etc. Rich culture, dress, everyday life of rural Assam and north-east Indian is shown through wax statues.

4.The Art GallaryVisitors can have a look at the art museum. There is two art gallery here. Local artist’s talent is displayed here which are of world class level. These two museums are centrally air-conditioned. You will be surprised to see these paintings that how talented the artist of north-east India. It is also an excellent platform for the upcoming artists.

5.The Naamghar and open stage– ‘Naam’ means prayer and ‘Ghar’ means house. Naamghar is a house of prayer where people come and worship in Vaishnavite culture.Kalakhetra has established a complete replica of Naam Ghar used by Shankaradeva for worship and practice of cultural activities. Here visitors can see the actual structure of Naam Ghar. Every day some ritual is done here to make it a lifelike replica of real Naam Ghar.

Open stage is big area people can sit and enjoy various programmes which are occasionally held. But it not necessary to have any programme there to sit. People can even sit there without any programme. It is also a good place to have a photoshoot.

So guys what are waiting for? Come and visit this place. Trust me this place will not disappoint you. Every single moment at this place will be memorable.

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