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Norcross, Georgia, is known for its quaint downtown district, but you’ll find much more to this Atlanta-area destination. If you’re looking to experience something a little more lively or challenging, set your sights on four top experience destinations in Norcross.

Jones Bridge Park

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At Norcross’s Jones Bridge Park, you can discover the beauty of nature through a challenging yet rewarding hike. Follow the moderately difficult Jones Bridge Park Trail for 5 miles, which leads to the remains of a 100-year-old bridge, through a lush forest, and along the beautiful Chattahoochee River.

While the park is open during daylight hours, you’ll find early mornings the most scenic times to explore, as the mist often hovers over the river, creating a surreal experience. After your hike, relax with the family in the park’s playground and barbecue area.

Tiny Towne

If you’re traveling with little ones in tow, you can’t miss Tiny Towne. This spot calls itself an edutainment center, as it mixes education and entertainment in one interactive venue.

At Tiny Towne, young drivers between 3 and 15 years old can operate miniature cars on streets that look like the real deal. Rather than speeding around a race track, drivers learn to read and follow street signs and traffic signals, and they also discover how to behave respectfully on the road. To test out their skills in the more challenging areas, drivers must first pass the easier street setups and complete quizzes. Tiny Towne also features an arcade and party rooms that offer more opportunities for fun.

Malibu Grand Prix

At Malibu Grand Prix, fun is the name of the game. The family can choose from a long list of attractions ranging from go karts to mini golf and more. Hop into one of the two-person go karts and race around twists and turns at the fastest speed you can muster. Challenge the family to a round or two of mini golf, complete with challenges such as water features and windmills.

When the weather warms up, more fun awaits on Malibu Grand Prix’s water rides. Take a ride on the bumper boats and take aim with your own water cannon. Cool down in the water play area, which features waterslides, spray loops, and an aqua dome. Book your choice of Norcross hotels near Malibu Grand Prix so that you have plenty of time for family-friendly thrills.

Brainstorm Escape Games

When you want to test your ability to get out of a jam or your ability to solve challenging puzzles, head over to Brainstorm Escape Games in Norcross. Here, you’ll work with a team of friends or family to solve puzzles and escape before your time runs out. Choose from rooms with horror, supernatural, or crime scene themes to get your adrenaline flowing and get ready to put your teamwork skills to the test.

From kid-friendly spots to attractions the family will appreciate, Norcross has it all. Don’t miss this charming destination during your next visit to Atlanta.

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