10 Things to do on New Zealand’s North Island

Do you love experiencing new places and discovering natural wonders outside of the norm? Perhaps for your next holiday trip you’d like to visit a hidden paradise with breathtaking scenery and rarely seen landscapes that blow your mind. Look no further — the North Island of New Zealand might be the place for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the natural world.

Bristling with island sanctuaries, magnificent beaches, lush forests, awe-inspiring waterfalls, rugged mountains, active volcanoes, and geothermal wonders, the North Island is every tourist’s dream. You can also experience the rich Maori culture in many parts of the North Island. The easiest way to experience this wonderful location is to book a holiday package with a tourism company like NZ Travel Organiser. They’re New Zealand experts who know their stuff when it comes to what to see and do in this beautiful country.

But there’s always more to check out! Here’s a list of must-dos on New Zealand’s North Island. Once you visit, you’ll never stop dreaming about coming back again.

  1. Explore the waters as you go sailing in the Bay of Islands

Located at the northern tip of the country, the world class Bay Island is a charming and relaxing place to enjoy some great sailing.

  1. Be amazed at the jaw-dropping Whangarei Falls

Standing majestic at 24 metres high, the Whangarei Falls is the most scenic waterfall in all of New Zealand. And it gets better — it’s easy to access, the water flows all year round, and a striking forest encases its majesty. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic or an adventure walk through the native bush.

  1. Discover the beautiful culture of the Maoris at the Tamaki Cultural Experience

Share in the unique Maori culture and discover broader perspective of the country’s indigenous people. You’ll get an enriching history lesson and will learn about the dramatic changesnd’s constant volcanic activity that have taken place in the country over the last few centuries.

  1. Uncover the secrets of the marine volcanoes on the White Island

Take a boat tour off the coast of Whakatane and walk to the inner craters to the active marine volcanoes on the White Island. On a clear day from the mainland, you’ll be able to see white smokes billowing into the sky from the island’s constant volcanic activity.

  1. Plunge into the aquatic splendour of the Tawharanui Marine reserve

Holding over 50 species of underwater creatures including orcas and the bottlenose dolphins, Tawharanui Marine Reserve sits off the Tawharanui Peninsula in North Auckland, North Island. It can be your little slice of paradise if you love ocean life.

  1. Enjoy the hot thermal springs in Rotorua

Rotorua is practically a city made up of natural spas with geysers, mud pools, and hot springs steaming from every pavement— all of which are responsible for the area’s famous sulphur scent. Here you can also check in at the Polynesian Spa, one of the world’s most renowned spa centers.

  1. Go sea kayaking and take in the sights of the wonder coves

With their clear subtropical waters, white sand beaches, spectacular coastal formations, and natural coves, the opportunities for splashes of fun while kayaking on the sea are endless. While sea kayaking, you’re guaranteed to feel closer to nature than ever before.

  1. Take a cycling winery tour around the Hawke’s Bay area

The Te Awanga coast is idyllic but holds a well-kept secret: the Hawke’s Bay area is known as one of premier wine regions in New Zealand. The area is flat and most of the wineries are accessible by the winding bike paths, so if you’re into cycling this may be the travel tour for you.

  1. Soak the Rugby passion at Eden Park

We all know New Zealand is rugby crazy and the All Blacks are the darling of every Kiwi. Rugby match results can practically swing the mood of the entire nation. Want to see all that passion packed in one place? Then go join the roaring sea of fans and cheer the All Blacks to victory on their home turf in Eden Park, Auckland.

  1. Experience the Bay of Islands again in Doubtless Bay – but without the crowd

Sparsely populated and stretching 60km of untouched coastline, the Doubtless Bay is your ideal escape if you want a swimming beach without the crowds. You can also go snorkeling, watch the orcas and dolphins in the bay, or simply enjoy a stroll with a loved one along the pristine coastline.



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